2020 Park City Trail Series

Fill your summer calendar with trail races!

The Park City Trail Series is a great way to get into trail running or race your training buddies. All racers do the same distance each month.  Sign up for the whole series or just your favorite distance.  Sign up with a group of 4+ and save $$ on the whole series.

Virtual Race Bonus! Do all 52 Kilometers and get $52 at SLRC.com!

  • 5k in June
  • 10k in July
  • 10 Mile in August
  • Half Marathon in September

Sign up and set the goal to run on trails this summer.  PCTS provides accountability and reward  for accomplishing each longer distance.

Park City Trail Series gets some pretty fast runners.  Race your friends, family, and other fast folks.  There is no prize money or first place medals. Winners get bragging rights and your name immortalized in the results.

Dogs are welcome at the virtual races, but please leave your dog at home on in-person race days.

PCTS is brought to you by:

  • Salt Lake Running Company (SLRC.com)
  • Nike Trail
  • Nuun Hydration
  • AMP Human
  • and more!

What do I get?

  • Hand crafted finisher medal for each distance (1/runner/race)
    • Connect all four in the Trail Series for display.
    • Made in Pennsylvania.
  • 2020 PCTS SiliPint pint glass (1 per runner)
    • Brand new color pattern for 2020.
    • Made in Oregon
  • Park City Trail Series tube bandana aka “neck gator” (1 per runner)
    • Designed in Nevada
  • Canister of Nuun Endurance* (1 per runner)
    • Electrolytes plus carbohydrates formulated for 90 minutes of sweating
    • *Pick up in person at SLRC only. Cannot be mailed.
  • Monthly race drawings.
    • Each drawing includes: Nike Trail shoes, Nike apparel, $100 SLRC shopping vouchers.
  • VIRTUAL RACE BONUS – – SLRC shopping vouchers
    • $1 per kilometer of race distance
    • $52 for the whole series
    • Good toward any brands or items of your choice.
    • expires 12/31/2020

Save the Dates

  • 5k  Saturday, June 6, 2020 (VIRTUAL ONLY – You choose the trail. Race anytime in June).
  • 10k Saturday, July 11, 2020 (Virtual race period July 1-31)
  • 10 Mile Saturday, August 8, 2020 (Virtual race period August 1-31)
  • Half Marathon Saturday, September 19, 2020 (Virtual race period September 1-30)

COVID-19 Plan:

Races will go forward as virtual events if restrictions prevent us from getting a special event permit. When we can get a permit, the events will be held in person as usual.  Virtual racing is the safest way to race when there are restrictions on group size. Participants in the virtual events will receive extra value in their race package in the form of shopping vouchers for running gear of your choice.

If a race happens as a virtual event, you will automatically be entered.

The virtual option will still be available even if a race happens in person.

Currently, the 10k and subsequent races are slated to be in person but that may change anytime based on conditions at race time and guidance from authorities.  In person races will have modifications to reduce proximity of runners.  Runners will be assigned a start time and will start one at a time to create distance from each other on the course.


Racing will happen. There will be no deferrals or refunds.

*PCTS Virtual race info:

If you intend ahead of time to run as a virtual participant, contact the race director so  your results submission page can be set up. If an in-person race transitions to a virtual race, no action is necessary, your result submission page will automatically be set up.

Virtual race periods will be anytime during the calendar month of the in-person events. You must run a course of equal distance to the regular course at a time and place that is best for you. There is a private Strava club set up for racers that can help you record your time and see routes from other participants.

Results are on your honor. Submitting a result holds you accountable to yourself and other racers. As a virtual runner, you will get an extra shopping voucher at SLRC.com in place of competing for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place awards on race day.


June 6, 2020



July 11, 2020



August 8, 2020


Half Marathon

September 19, 2019